Why I voted the way I did:

I know I’m being a bit of a bore with my constant pro-Labour timeline postings on Facebook and tweets, but I really feel today is a crucial day for our country.

It wasn’t until I became a poor person that I took an interest in politics. Having been fortunate enough to have been given a private education, lucky enough to have a successful career and blessed with two beautiful children, I thought (and I quote myself here, sadly) that I was “too pretty for politics.” It seemed to me that they were all the same, that it didn’t make any difference who you voted for, nothing would change and anyway, it wasn’t really any of my business. Boring, in fact. And then, like all things that are too good to be true, my life turned out to be too good to be true. My circumstances changed, and I find myself today unemployed, on benefits, a single parent of a special needs child.

I’m currently training to be a counsellor, as (health willing) I will still have to support myself and my son for at least another 30 years. (I reckoned this was one of the few professions where looking older was an advantage!) I didn’t get any funding for this, because there isn’t any. A very kind friend has lent me the money for my college fees, which obviously I will pay back when I can. It will take about 3 years to qualify, and even then building a client base is a slow process.

If the Conservative party get to serve another term, and their plans for more benefit cuts happen, Ted and I won’t be able to manage any more. I’m not qualified to do anything except show off for a living, and the minimum wage is currently £6.50 an hour. (That’s £221 for a 35-hour week.) I’m 56 in a couple of weeks, it’s very hard to get a job at this age.

I’m sick of fighting to survive. I’m worried that I won’t be able to afford healthcare. My mortgage runs out in 10 years, I’ve only been paying back the interest so I’ll have to sell the house, then what?

I don’t feel safe. The Tories have lied again and again and again, about anything from benefit fraud to Labour being solely responsible for the financial crash. I don’t trust them to look after me or our country. And believe me, I was brought up with these people, you shouldn’t trust them either.

So I’m going with the party who care about the poor and needy, rather than the party who only want to take advantage of them.  We need support, and then we can support each other.

Let’s get Britain back to Great. Let’s vote Labour.


3 Comments on “Why I voted the way I did:”

  1. David says:

    I’ve just done exactly the same for exactly the same reason.
    Like you I was lucky to have a great career, seemingly never ending money coming in and I had a wonderful time with it.
    Things started going wrong when I did someone a favour, then they caught me in a weak moment and took advantage. Before I knew it I had lost everything and had quite a spectacular breakdown which has taken me several years to get over.
    Anyway, I’ve gone from turning left on the plane a few times a year to bankruptcy and ropey mental health. I always voted Tory without thinking but since my migration into the poorhouse I have started to actually take notice of the horrors the Tory party has inflicted on the country, the terrible suffering quite a few people are going through, people far worse off than I am, even though I’m not sure how I’ll be paying the bills this month.
    I’m sick of spending all day worrying about how I’ll survive with a government that seems determined to wreck the lives of the financially embarrassed (to quote Rupert Rigsby) – and that is why I voted Labour nationally today.
    I also voted Labour for B&H because I am sick to death of the Greens cocking up virtually everything they touch.
    Good luck with your course, I’ll probably be needing your services before long.


  2. Matt says:

    Yeah… I voted against my own best interests today- and it wasn’t difficult for me to do.

    I’m not rich now or anything, but I’ve been poor, so I can easily imagine the horrors of the safety net being yanked away.

    Quite honestly, I’m happy for my taxes to go up a little bit if it means that the money is there for the people that need it the most. We most certainly haven’t all been in it together for the last five years- but we should’ve been.

    How can people be that greedy and uncaring?

  3. Well done Annabel & best for your counselling too – here’s hoping for a fairer Britain!!! : )

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